Woman Posts Outfit Pics Her Boyfriend Hates, Captions Each One With A Quote From Him (30 Pics)


“My inspiration came from my boyfriend’s sarcastic comments about my outfits, but my willingness to wear them anyway, and him still loving me anyway,” Olivia told Bored Panda. “I wanted to, and still aim to, empower women to dress for themselves rather for others around them.

Because couples don’t always have to agree on everything, it’s how you deal with your differences that is key to a long-lasting relationship. Jackson and her boyfriend clearly have a matching sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously – this really helps!

“Humour definitely plays a big part!” she said. “He probably doesn’t appreciate them because he doesn’t keep up with women’s fashion trends and that I’m partial to a bright colour or something with pom poms on. Luckily, he’s now used to me wearing them anyway and not listening so there’s not too much negotiation – just an eye roll or sarcastic comment from him usually!”

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