Staying home because of coronavirus? Here’s what to put in your pantry and fridge

The new CDC guidelines call for action from COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) to be taken by people at higher risk of serious illness, including stockpiling on food and any drugs they may need. If you are more than normal planning to stay at home, it is necessary to have healthy foods on hand. Which means eating foods which deliver a nutritious punch to ensure you get the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other compounds you need for safety and immune help. This also means looking for food that can last for an extended period of time— for those that are quarantined, around two weeks ‘ worth. We hope you won’t be holed up for too long, but just in case, here’

It is a good idea to have both your freezer and pantry stocked with fruits and vegetables. These foods have the same nutrients as fresh produce but last a long time. Pick fruits that are unsweetened, and vegetables that are unseasoned or low-or no-added. You’re probably going to want to load up some tougher perishables so you can eat before you go for your longer-lasting stash. Below are a few vegetables and fruits to add to your shopping list.

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